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Does Permaculture matter?

July 28, 2014

After several years of learning, demonstrating and exploring permaculture, I am still challenged explaining why it matters. The value and functionality of it seems obvious to me. I felt I was practicing permaculture before I even knew what the word meant.  The lessons in practicality, balance, simplicity and sustainability gave my efforts new meaning in that there exists a system that incorporated these ideas in one integrated system. Not only that, this system could help repair and restore lots of damage to our environment, our food systems and ultimately our health and the health of the planet. Maybe the biggest affirmation was that, according to permaculture, all things are connected. It speaks of the web of life, nature’s interconnectivity with all things.
It reiterates the functional and practical nature of employing simplicity in our plans and designs, as shown to us when we observe nature and her designs. 
So why is it that one should care about such a system? How can I better explain why it matters to any one person that the lessons of permaculture are timely, important and relevant? More importantly, how can I convey a sense of urgency to act?
I am beginning to understand there...
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12 Principals of Permaculture

October 21, 2012


Good design depends on a free and harmonious relationship between nature and people, in which careful observation and thoughtful interaction provide the design inspiration, repertoire and patterns. It is not something that is generated in isolation, but through continuous and reciprocal interaction with the subject.Within more conservative and socially bonded agrarian communities, the ability of some individuals to stand back from, observe and interpret both traditional and modern methods of land use, is a powerful tool in evolving new and more appropriate systems. While complete change within communities is always more difficult for a host of reasons, the presence of locally evolved models, with its roots in the best of traditional and modern ecological design, is more likely to be successful than a pre-designed system introduced from outside. Further, a diversity of such local models would naturally generate innovative elements which can cross-fertilise similar innovations elsewhere.


We live in a world of unprecedented wealth resulting from the harvesting of the enormous storages of fossil fuels created by the earth over billions of years. We have used some of this wealth to increase our harvest of the...


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