The Cabinette: Off grid cabin construction with self contained water system

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Off grid Cabin with Rain Catchment and PV powered water system

This project began simply enough. Create a sustainable off grid living space with running water for a sink and shower. The Cabinette, as we fondly call it, is a little less than 300 square feet. The heart of the project is centered around the newly invented  LiL sprout PV pump with an augmented battery system. The extra batteries will allow us to run some lights and a small fan to assist with circulating heat during the heating months. 

This shed was purchased second hand. this shot shows the rear interior 2 x 4 stick frame 24" OC walls and cieling.

32' x 12 ' structure arrives by truck. This particular delivery company uses a special trailer that allows the entire building to be shifted several feet side to side as well as front to back.

The shed roof interior was modified with spacers to use R-13 insulation. The spacers allow for circulation under the roof, which is essential to preventing moisture buildup that can shorten the life of the shingles.

Lil Sprout PV AC/DC water pump. This system is being modified and augmented to include another battery. This will allow the lil sprout to also act as a portable power station. The batteries will be connected to a 6 panel solar array to allow it to charge while it is inside the building. This Single element will have multiple functions. Click on picture to go the the lil sprout website.

lil sprout in line located in bathroom utilizes standard garden hose for all connections.

simple flow chart of basic elements. Pump can be disconnected once water tank is full

recycled potable water tank removed from travel trailer

bathroom addition utilizes recycled deck for floor

building front

Solar panels located on the roof also power the Lil Sprout pump while providing enough electricity for a small PV system.