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Care of the earth. Care for people. Fair share.

Growing Wild LLC is currently a for-profit Limited Liability Company with a mission to form a non-profit Permaculture Education and Demonstration Center. Along the way, we intend to support and service as many community and residential permaculture efforts as possible. 


Permaculture teaches us how to simplify our lives and lead a more satisfying lifestyle. Permaculture teaches us how to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and current industrial systems that are harming the earth's ecosystems. Permaculture is more than a new way of gardening - it's a sustainable way to live on planet Earth. We can create permaculture wherever we live.

Promoting balance and diversity above waste and separateness is a natural state that can become easy and sustainable. Getting there can be a challenge. Growing Wild LLC is here to help.

Check out this site for a complete and comprehensive description of what permaculture is and everything it has to offer.

Permaculture Visions International - Check out this on-line resource and begin studying and learning about Permaculture. This is my teacher April-Sampson Kelly's site. She offers the Permaculture Design Certificate that I received. Includes some FREE Permaculture modules.


Westridge Project - Permaculture can be beautiful

Learn about Permaculture Design 




Some history

I began working with sustainable concepts and energy saving techniques in the early nineties. In 1995 we purchased a nine-acre lot in the mountains and after many years of planning, I designed and built an energy efficient home. After several years of working in new home construction and observing its wasteful practices and lack of sustainability, I became more interested in making permaculture part of my life. During 2010 I received my Permaculture Design Certificate from April-Sampson Kelly through Permaculture Visions International. This involved creating my first PDP (Permaculture Design Plan) for a 9 acre property I own in Morgan County, WV. After a few years, I moved my area of study to a farm now known asl the Greenwood Rd. Project, located in Winchester, VA. While there, we established Growing Wild LLC., and created our own permaculture demonstration and education site. After three years of development, this project was suspended in the fall of 2014. During early 2016 Growing Wild LLC agreed to continue developing and promoting permaculture strategies at this location. We also developed permaculture strategies at other locations including The Edgewood Rd. Project, which was recently sold. Go to the My Photos section to see pictures, observations and implementation of some of these projects. Also new for 2016 is the design and development of an off grid cabin affectionatley named the Cabinette. The Cabinette is a working model of an off grid, portable home. It was designed to enable potential permaculture enthusiaists to utilize simple rain catchment water and solar electric systems.

Over the years I have endeavored to design, build and remodel integrated sites that test and demonstrate aspects of permaculture, including: Water management, ponds and interconnected swale systems, on grid PV system, earth coupled floor systems, seed saving, sheet mulched top fed no-dig raised bed gardens, chickens, compost toilet systems, solar hot water system, greenhouses, edible forest area and many other oppertunities for element available to whoever employs permaculture design.

Growing Wild LLC is continuing to build the resources needed to create a non-profit company to teach, promote and implement permaculture in our region. Until that time, we operate as a for profit business.  I currently offer free 2 hour consultations and also fee based Permaculture Design Plans. (PDP)

Click on the link below, select the PEOPLE tab, and then type in my name Stephen Trauger. Click on my name again in the pop up window to view some of my work on The Worldwide Permaculture Network.

Explore the links on the top of the page and discover more about permaculture and Growing Wild LLC.

Call for more information - 540-550-2355




Call for more information - 540-550-2355

See what Bill Mollison's 12 principals say about Permaculture.  Go to Learn More on Permaculture on the sidebar on the top left side of this screen.

Permaculture solutions are diverse and unique, and yet the same principals apply everywhere. Following are some interesting quotes that I like from other people and organizations defining Permaculture.

Characteristics of Permaculture- Others interpretations of Permaculture 

"Permaculture is one of the most holistic, integrated systems analysis and design methodologies found in the world. Permaculture can be applied to create productive ecosystems from the human- use standpoint or to help degraded ecosystems recover health and wildness."

"Permaculture can be applied in any ecosystem, no matter how degraded. Permaculture values and validates traditional knowledge and experience."

"Permaculture incorporates sustainable agriculture practices and land management techniques and strategies from around the world."

"Permaculture is a bridge between traditional cultures and emergent earth-tuned cultures."

"Permaculture promotes organic agriculture which does not use pesticides to pollute the environment."

"Permaculture aims to maximize symbiotic and synergistic relationships between site components. Permaculture design is site specific, client specific, and culture specific."