Growing Wild Directors Report 2018

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Come out and visit!

Permablitz April 14 2018 Claymont Society

Greetings Everyone!

After parting ways for a while with this location back in 2015, Growing Wild LLC is once again operating from our original location at 1182 Greenwood Rd., Winchester VA. 22602. This location remains licensed and zoned as a Permaculture Education and Demonstration Site.  Although we are still a long way from Master PRI Site status, we continue to evolve and co-create our dream.

I decided a while back to stop using social media to document, share and track our process. I used my energies instead to focus on demonstrating permaculture solutions by example. This involved moving our family out of our larger 1800 sq. ft home into an 800 sq. ft.  Cottage located on GW LLC’s Demonstration site. This cottage was part of my work in 2012 as a sustainable renovation design plan and study for my second permaculture project at the Greenwood Project. This move involved downsizing while increasing our food production and processing capabilities, and is beginning to produce yields in the form of reduced costs of living, healthier foods and most importantly, more time.

I realize many of us who are interested in sustainable, regenerative earth healing design systems are way too busy doing what I call “staying alive things” to be able to ever think about actually having time to act on these principals and ideas. How can people use permaculture if they have no space in their lives because of the stressful and demanding schedules of everyday modern living? 

I decided that my desire to promote permaculture might be best served by focusing on how to help others create a lifestyle that would allow for enough space to use permaculture. I want to help people use lifestyle to create a yield in the form of time. One can then use the time created to further develop and maintain the lifestyle, all the while practicing simplicity, sustainable and regenerative earth practices along with a healthier lifestyle all connected through the integrated design principals of Permaculture.

This strategy helped motivate another recent project here at Growing Wild. We completed the first stage of a tiny home, the Cabinette last year, a 300 sq. ft. shed structure previously used and delivered to our site. I was excited about designing and expanding this structure as it ultimately provided a way to demonstrate a low cost sustainable off grid home in a suburban/rural setting. We added a water catchment system and a small Photo Voltaic array with a portable solar powered pump. These structures not only have all the comforts of home but also support a lifestyle that allows people to have the time and energy to pursue the three ethics of permaculture: Care for the Earth, Care for People and Fair Share.

New Project

I just recently attended a permaculture meeting at the Claymont Society in Charles Town. We have been asked about participating in an exciting new project developing at Claymont Farms. They are planning several events under their “permaculture initiative” this year, including a permablitz this Saturday April 14. Come join us as we support this exciting new venture/adventure!

The Growing Wild Team