Win-Win Time Bank

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Find out more about our Win-Win Time Bank


Win-Win Timebank is a local economy of friends - those we've met and those we haven't yet.
Instead of money, we exchange time.


Our online timebank allows members to share their talents with others in the community, and thereby earn hours that are recorded in the online timebank. As the exchange grows, members  can use their hours to purchase things like wellness and medical care, gardening assistance, cooking classes, business services, pet sitting, bicycle repair,
and many other local services.


When you join the Win-Win timebank, everyone's hours are treated equally, and
everyone's contribution is valued.


Log into Win-Win Time Bank - An Affiliate of TimeBanks USA

Annual membership will be $15. Please contact us if you are unable to pay the membership fee.


Win-Win timebank FAQs


Our mission is to encourage community inter-dependence in the
Winchester area by cultivating social networks and providing opportunities to
make synergistic connections.


What is time-banking?

Time banking is a pattern of reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as currency.   For example- you work for one
hour offering a service of your choice to friends, businesses, or organizations that are also members of Win-Win Time bank. 
You then have one hour to spend on a service that is being offered by a friend, business or organization and the cycle continues.  In this scenario everyone wins!

Why participate?

For many reasons!   Some participants join to receive access to services that they wouldn't necessarily be able to afford or prioritize in the monetary economy (massages, dog sitting, website design, educational classes, musical events, etc!).   Others
participate to "give back" and make their services accessible to a broader range of the community. Many like having a way of exchanging that is more personal and based in a local community. Some simply like meeting new people and experiencing the diversity of local talent and opportunities. However you participate, everyone contributes and everyone receives services.  The Win-Win Timebank is co-created by everyone who is a member. 

What services are available?

As many as we, as a community, choose to provide!  Win-Win Time Bank is just beginning the journey.  We encourage you
to think creatively, and help others get involved! From cooking classes to gardening, accounting to webdesign, nutrition counseling to book publishing - we know that all these talents and more are within our community!

Who can join?


Everyone! Win-Win Timebank  is open to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. When joining, we encourage you
to attend a Win-Win Timebank orientation/ potluck, meet other members, and to get to know a little about our community.

We ask that members live within 33 miles of Winchester. We hope to keep travel times and expenses to a minimum.  However, some of our members are willing to do long distance trades (Reiki, Skype Sessions, etc.)

How do I track my hours?

Our online website tracks hours for everyone.  When you've provided or received a service, decide which of you will log the hours, and then simply record them online. (The other individual will receive an email notification of hours exchanged). You can always check your hours balance online. We encourage members to avoid significantly negative balances.  If you would like assistance regarding ways to earn more hours, feel free to contact your fellow Win-Win Timebank members
or us for additional earning opportunities.

How much is an hour worth?

In Win-Win Timebank, everyone's hour is equal regardless of the service. Time is precious to all of us, and we value each individual participating and the hours they are able to give. Our choice to share our time, and to build a sustainable local community with our time, is the shared instinct that Win-Win Timebank celebrates and nurtures.

I own a business, why should I get involved?

Win-Win Timebank is a unique way for businesses to provide and receive services in addition to the ones they are already
engaged in. Win-Win Timebank doesn't replace the monetary economy - it just complements it. Businesses may use Win-Win Timebank to supplement their existing customer base and to keep growing and strengthening their community networks. They may also choose to receive Win-Win Timebank services (accounting, webdesign, marketing assistance, etc) when they have limited financial capital.  Both providers and receivers of ALL services in the Win-Win Timebank should keep in mind that Win-Win Timebank is a networking tool, not a business clearinghouse or a guarantee of services. As in all exchanges, use your good judgment and ask questions to determine whether the person you are considering working with can provide the type and quality of services you really want.

Can I buy, sell, or barter things with Win-Win Timebank?


Not directly.  Win-Win Timebank is for exchanging services, where every hour is worth another, equal hour. Unlike bartering, where goods are exchanged based on their monetary value, the IRS considers equal hour exchanges non-taxable.  If you have a service that comes with a good (for example, providing photography services for one hour, and then supplying the images) consider either gifting the good or selling it separately as a taxable item.


Growing Wild LLC - providing and supporting Winchester's first TimeBank USA affiliate

Growing Wild LLC is a developing permaculture in Winchester, VA. As part of our journey towards forming a Permaculture Education Center , we are designing and developing the Win-Win Time Bank.

Timebanking demonstrates lots of sound permaculture principals like:


We see Timebanking as an active way to connect community and share our talents
while building synergistic relationships. We see our community members as valuable, our skills as renewable, our services valuable and our time a gift of sharing that keeps on giving.

Click on the link below to visit TimeBanks USA Action Hub Site. Learn more about TimeBanking, check out the Directory of TimeBanks and view other useful information and support for our Communty Weaver software.

Click on SUBSCRIBE to become a member of Growing Wild LLC and the Win-Win TimeBank

Please read our Joint Liability Statement

Joint Liability Statement for Win-Win Time bank and Growing Wild LLC. Please read before joining and
logging in.

Joining and logging in constitutes acceptance of this Statement

I understand that Win-Win Time Bank, through its platform, Growing Wild LLC provides no implied or
expressed warranty for the fitness, safety or quality of the work of its members. I assume the risk of injury, harm or damage
resulting from, or in any way associated with, the provision of services or the receiving of services through the Win-Win Time bank via Growing Wild LLC. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Win-Win Time bank and Growing Wild LLC.  (including all parties involved in creation, implementation, and operation) from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damages, lawsuits, judgments (including attorneys' fees and costs) arising out of or relating to the use of
the Win-Win Time bank and Growing Wild LLC.

Personal Responsibility for
Participation in the Win-Win Time Bank


Win-Win Time Bank/Growing Wild LLC agreements are made between members involved in the service exchange. As such, it is the sole responsibility of each member to exercise reasonable care and judgment in the use of this service. Reasonable caution is urged, but is not limited to, the sharing of personal information, including residential addresses, e-mail
addresses, phone numbers and any and all identifying documents or statements.

Win-Win Time Bank/Growing Wild LLC membership is open to all ages. If a member is a minor, it is the sole responsibility of the guardian to ensure the minor's safety and well-being in all Win-Win Time Bank/Growing Wild LLC transactions.


Win-Win Time Bank/Growing Wild LLC members are encouraged to contact Win-Win Time Bank administrators with relevant issues, questions and concerns. Reasonable efforts will be made to address questions and resolve concerns. Should further actions be indicated, Win-Win Time Bank/Growing Wild LLC members retain the right to pursue any and all legal remedies in
relation to other members.


Go to the website below to log in and become a member of the Win-Win time bank. Your application should be approved within 48 hours. Once approved, you will receive an email informing you that your membership application has been accepted. As of February 3, 2014, Members are expected to pay a $15 Annual fee to help offset the cost of our TimeBank. Click on the SUBSCRIBE button below to make your payment. If you are not ready to make a payment yet, we invite you to join our TimeBank first. You can also make payments using cash, money order or checks payable to Growing Wild LLC.  Contact your TimeBank Coordinator if you are unable to make a payment.

 Click on Subscribe to pay your annual membership and become a member of Growing Wild LLC and the Win-Win TimeBank.

Thanks for supporting COMMUNITY!

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