Berkeley Springs Community Garden

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Here are some pictures of our community's progress

The town of Berkeley Springs and some unique individuals are putting together their energies to create a Community Garden for all to share. Growing Wild LLC  assisted with the design, working with a team of like minded individuals to create a sustainable garden system that will not only provide fresh food for the community, but will become a place to learn and share our collective talents with everyone who is interested.

Front view of the Berkeley Spring Community Garden

First bed constructed and contains peas and spinach. Rocks from the back of the garden create the raise bed.

1% swales which include a slight declination are established by establishing contour lines

This angle shows a newly constructed swale dug on contour. The topsoil is heaped behind the swale and forms the berm.

Shredded and composted mulch was then added to the berm to protect the topsoil from erosion. As this garden is on a relatively steep slope, this swale needs to be multifuntional. Water will collect in this swale and then infiltrate into the ground below and beyond the berm. Over time, this extra water will strengthen the soil and increase its ability to hold even more water. The swale also needs to divert runoff from rain and snow melt. The swales will be interconnected, and will drain to small ponds. Ultimately, the overflow will need to exit the property. If done correctly, the water that leaves this garden will be cleaner than when it arrived. Plants and microgrganisms in the ponds and soil will help remove nutrients from the water, helping to clean and sustain the sorrounding watershed.