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Growing Wild LLC provides custom Permaculture Design Plans for your home or business. We will help you determine your needs, availability, doability and design strategies BEFORE we begin the design process. 

Expierence has shown me that a good PERMACULTURE DESIGN PLAN (PDP) is a dynamic process, and without a full understanding of your resources, any PDP will be incomplete.

Our PDP process takes place over a period of 1-3 months, based on size and scope of the project.  This allows us to design a system that reflects the needs and diversity of your property, and also allows our plan to incorporate scope and scalability. Affordable payments are staggered over the design process, allowing you to receive the design solutions in stages. This ensures the project is developing to meet all your needs.

This process takes place with a series of three assesments, which usually involve 6 visits. Our consultive analysis style helps us focus the design plan to accurateley reflect your personal potential.

 1st Assessment


·       General assessment of practicality

·       Establish scope

·       Determine needs

·       Determine priorities

·       Develop and discuss strategy

·       Determine budget

·       General analysis and observation



2nd Assessment


·       Base map


`          Photo record

            Water Overlay

            Contour overlay

            Garden overlay

            Identify elements and functions

            Special considerations

            Relationship and Integration strategy

            Soil analysis

            Zone and Sector analysis



3rd assessment


·       Review and submit design

·       Submit Final Permaculture Design Plan.





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Permaculture Design Plan


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